In animals

  • Insect repellent effect. It limits aggressions and skin parasites.

  • Nest and rabbits drying.

  • Improved atmosphere in the nest.

  • Reduction of emissions of ammonia and respiratory problems.

  • Sanisec is not aggressive to the skin and mucous membranes.

  • Easier excrements handling during cleaning of the pits.

  • Improved rabbits’ productivity.

In the building

  • Building drying.

  • Improved atmosphere.

  • Reduction of ammonia emissions.

  • It helps reduce bacterial growth.

  • Less humidity and lower pathogens risks.

  • Improved health.

  • Improved technical and economic results.


  • Cover with Sanisec the bottom of the farrowing-nest at the time of the birth of rabbits.

  • In the nest, sprinkle Sanisec on chips and rabbits.

  • Sprinkle after each calving at 25g / day / nest.

Over the excrements, 100g / m² every 3 days.